Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment Wildlife

Discoveries and photographs by Jayden Walsh

These findings stress the importance of the Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment and adjacent areas.


September 2017

Amongst finding and filming 2 Grey Goshawk nests, I saw the  first returned Leaden Flycatchers to Sydney for the season, third Northern Beaches record of Rufous Songlark, fifth Northern Beaches records of Brown Songlark, Australian Owlet-nightjar, Great Knot, White-browed Woodswallow and Masked Woodswallow (thanks to a drying interior in New South Wales).

November 2017

White-throated Nightjar, Australian Owlet-nightjar and Southern Boobook

Brown Songlark
Owlet Night-jar


Eastern Pygmy Possum
September 2017

I saw six Eastern Pygmy Possums in 1 night.

November 2017

Eastern Pygmy Possum, Sugar Glider, Common Brushtail Possum, Swamp Wallaby and 2 Microbat sp.


November 2017

Freycinet’s Frog, Green Stream Frog, Peron’s Tree Frog and Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog


Giant burrowing frog
Tyler's Tree Frog


September 2017
 I saw two  Diamond Python and three red-bellied blacksnakes.
November 2017

I was happy to see an Eastern Stone Gecko which is a locally rare species.
Also saw Thick-tailed Gecko, Blackish Blind Snake and Fence Skink

Diamond Python
Eastern Stone Gecko
Blackish Blind Snake
Red-bellied blacksnake
Thick Tailed Gecko
Thick Tailed Gecko


September 2017

My most exciting discovery was the first Northern Beaches (excluding Ku-ring-gai Chase NP) record of a spider called Saitis virgatus. This species was only discovered and described 5 years ago and is 5mm in length!! In addition, they’ve only been seen in the wild a total of 15 times before.

November 2017

Eastern Stone Gecko, Thick-tailed Gecko, Blackish Blind Snake and Fence Skink

Saitis virgatus
House Centipede


September 2017

I found a new population of Erythorochis cassythoides – climbing orchid – (third Northern Beaches population).