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Ticks and Mosquitoes in Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment

7pm February 27, 2023
Speaker: Ian Thompson

After graduating in Chemistry from UTS in 1969, Ian worked for over 20 years as an Industrial Research Chemist in the chemical manufacturing industry, developing products for the control of insect pests on agricultural crops, farm animals and domestic pets.

Ross River Virus Mosquito
Ross River Virus Mosquito: Photo Steve Doggett

For the next 25 years, amd before retirement in 2008, Ian worked as a Research Scientist and Entomologist in the development of products for the control of urban insect pests that invade the home, and in particular, insects that are vectors of disease.

His leasure interests include photography and bush-walking.

Ian’s presentation looks at both mosquitoes and ticks as vectors of disease and unease, these two arthropods being well known within the Narrabeen Lagoon catchment area of Northern Beaches.

In this two-part presentation we will look at their biology and lifecycle, the diseases that they transmit, plus personal protection measures to help keep you safe.

There will be time for questions after the talk so come prepared to ask if there is something you would like to know about ticks or mosquitoes.

Paralysis Tick: Photo Steve Doggett

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